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"rays of a bello mundo" by carolyn berg

"rays of a bello mundo" by carolyn berg

welcome to bello mundo cafe

We're a kind and quirky band of foodies, and our mission is to zing your taste buds and warm your heart when you visit our shop.

We spend hours making almond milk from scratch, hand-shaving dark and milk chocolate bars to melt into our mochas and hot chocolates, and dialing in our espresso to ensure each shot is balanced and delicious.

We pour that same love and care into our baking, whether it's for our gluten-free fudgy brownie, our rosemary Meyer lemon olive oil shortbread biscuit, or our lightly sweetened grapefruit ginger cupcake.

Our menu is also inspired by our beautiful world, so our homemade chai is reminiscent of the chai we enjoyed in Thiruvanthapuram, India, and our spiced veggie quiche comes from a pastry we loved in Morocco with hints of cinnamon and curry.

We started this business to do good in the world, so we support local grassroots projects, we showcase local artists' work without taking any commission, and we don't bribe people to like us on facebook or write positive yelp reviews for us. We just try to treat our guests like friends in our home and give the best we have to offer every day. Can a business like this survive in the 21st century? We hope to show it can.


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